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  • Increase sales efficiency: sales per rep, conversion, average ticket
  • Boost a Product launch success, reach the peak during the maturity, stay competitive during the decline
  • Train your reps on sales techniques, product updates and key features
  • Improve Sales Channel's performance

Discover Atrivity: boost knowledge and enable effective communication in your company

Whether you are already an Atrivity user, have an interest in using it or just want to see what’s new, our weekly webinars present how to get the most value out of Atrivity and a Live Demo.

Each and every week, we’ll cover how Atrivity transmits knowledge through game strategies, allowing you to train your people faster, with greater knowledge, in a standardized and measurable way. 

Remember, we do this every week, rain or sunny - so feel free to sign up whenever works best for you! 


Duration: 40 min (include Q&A) 

Duration: 40 min (include Q&A)

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

Learning & Development

  • Create engaging learning programs
  • Make training time-efficient for learners
  • Increase training participation and intensity
  • Measure knowledge level in an effective way
  • Increase participation in existing LMS courses

We help Sales, Marketing & Communication, Learning & Development and Human Resources Leaders to overcome challenges related to training and communication.

Marketing and Communication

  • Engage and measure an upcoming event
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of existing content
  • Make your internal and external communications engaging and measure their comprehension
  • Communicate better with desk-less employees and channel

Human Resources

  • Attract more and better talent
  • Recruit faster
  • Improve and standardize the onboarding experience
  • Build an engaging employee experience 
  • Boost your Employer Branding