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3 new strategies for Luxury & Fashion Brands to meet sales goals with the Spring/Summer 2021 collections


Duration: 40 min

Duration: 40 min

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

The Spring/Summer 2021 season will be unlike anything the Retail industry has experienced before. The traditional luxury and fashion calendar has been affected, particularly in September and the showcases of Spring 2021 collections. Many brands had to reconfigure the entire product’s commercial life-cycle because of the volume of collections they churn out.

Do you already have a solid plan to succeed? 

We are working with many brands to not only deliver the right knowledge throughout the whole commercial life-cycle but above all, to assess the gaps and react on time to boost new product and collection success.

If your goal in 2021 is to succeed by marketing new collections/product lines, this webinar is for you. We will take you through 3 plans that top Brands are already putting in place to:

1 - Generate a buzz and boost the interest around new products before and during the commercial life-cycle.

2 - Build a retail / sales channel training program focused on those new products and permanently assess and measure performance to build actionable plans.

3  - Launch new collections or product lines and boost sales to minimize end of season stock levels.

Don’t miss out, spots are limited!

Sofia Leuwenkroon
Retail Account Executive