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Pharma 2021: 

Key considerations for the move towards the Hybrid Sales Model


Duration: 40 min

Duration: 40 min

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

The pharmaceutical sales model has been shaken to its core in the last year. The days when a pharma rep can walk into any doctors’ office at a specific time and expect to see the doctor (if they were patient enough) is a distant memory. The pandemic has accelerated the journey for pharma sales to embrace a hybrid model in order to maintain the relationship and engagement between sales reps and HCPs.

What is the new Hybrid Sales Model?
A Hybrid model is the co-ordination of meetings between sales reps and HCPs in both a face-to-face and remote way. We need to coordinate this digital experiences in order to:
- Make them complementary to the in-person experience, not substitute them completely.
- Include all information but also not overload HCPs.
- Offer a consistent experience depending on availability and channel.
- Ensure convenience for physicians to get the information they need on demand and in a personalized way.
- Maintain a coordinated relationship between the rep and doctor regardless of the way they connect.

Physicians have adopted technology out of necessity to stay on top of medical information. This is one of the only ways they can stay on top of the constant advances in medical knowledge, the changes in treatment protocols and the lists of new medical information available daily.

The next cycle meeting is critical for preparing your sales reps for this new hybrid format.
So join our free live session to discover how in your next cycle meeting you can:
- Increase the efficiency of your team’s customer engagement and enable a better service to be delivered to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.
- Digitize your sales content so you can provide it with ease of access through any mobile device.
- Ensure your content is both interactive and interesting.
- Track everything with data to help your staff better meet their HCP’s needs.

Given this professional transformation, the old pharma sales model of just sending reps to physicians offices is not enough to cover their current needs. Doctors simply don’t have time, so the best option is to go online or allow them to access information in one click, whenever suits them best. Reps in the field are the key component in managing the relationship with HCPs, so we need to ensure they have the best tools to use.

At Compettia, with Atrivity, we work with more than 350 of the Fortune 500 most valued organizations around the world. During our experience helping the pharmaceutical sector to improve their communication and knowledge, we have run more than 8,000 games with more than 175 million questions answered and have more than 510,000 active users on our gamification platform.

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Rut Coll Serra
Pharma Industry Strategy Director

About the Speakers 

Rut has 25 years experience in the marketing departments of companies such as Zambon, Lundbeck, Esteve, Pharmacia&Upjohn and Almirall. She is helping Compettia-Atrivity  to develop plans for pharma leaders which center around how to keep field teams engaged and productive, while reorienting their commercial models to better fit the needs of HCPs and patients. 

Tanya is a Sales and Marketing professional with over 20 years experience in all things digital, with several years leading gamification projects for Pharma & Healthcare leaders.

About Atrivity: Atrivity is a High impact Data Driven Knowledge and Communication Platform.
 It’s a mobile enterprise serious game and communication platform, where companies share their content and employees learn it by challenging each other answering algorithm selected quiz questions to optimize and measure their learning and performance impact to deliver outstanding results.

Tanya Arch
Healthcare Business Unit

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