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HCPs & Virtual Meetings: moving Communication and Training Forward


Duration: 40 min

Duration: 40 min

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

COVID-19 reshaped the way Healthcare companies are interacting with HCPs: virtual congresses, webinars and digital interactions have been brought to the forefront as we’ve adapted to the new landscape.  By the looks of things this will continue to be the trend in the coming months if not longer...  

Indeed, we have seen that virtual events and webinars are seeing a drop in participation and engagement due to the virtual-fatigue and clinical demands as many HCPs are still involved in COVID-19 care and treatment.

Led by Tanya Arch, Healthcare Business Unit Head, this live session has the aim to share best practices and tips to make communication and training with HCPs more engaging and dynamic by using Atrivity, the game-based mobile app for Healthcare.

In particular, Tanya will give tips to:

  • Stay connected with your customers and deliver value at a distance establishing a stronger relationship  
  • Notify a certain group, located in different areas about news and updates, at the same time. Keep your audience informed. 
  • Consolidate all training material (webinars, LMS, presentations, clinical studies, etc...) into a single program in order to measure and reinforce learning. 
  • Facilitate Medical education and training using gamified communications.
Tanya Arch
Healthcare Business
Unit Head