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How to deliver an Impactful Channel Performance Training:
Proven strategies to boost your Sales Channel Performance


Duration: 40 min

Duration: 40 min

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

Channel sales reps and retailers who are actively engaged with your brand, sell more of your products.

Indeed having a communication and training program that works, does have an impact on results and an increase in sales. It is challenging to engage and equip channel reps with ongoing training and tools to succeed. 

It is even more complicated to measure the effectiveness of communication and training actions

Led by Darío De Sa, Account Executive and Santiago Ubeda, Chief Service Officer at Compettia-Atrivity, in this webinar we will identify the main challenges manufacturers face when launching a new product through the channel and how Atrivity, our High impact Data Driven Knowledge and Communication mobile app, is helping manufacturers to leverage those challenges. 

In particular, we will share with you real projects we have deployed with Global manufacturers of products, services and solutions to:

  • Help channels to put their brand first by building a direct, easy-to-consult, centralize and always an available communication and training program. 

  • Assess at the sales person level, rather than the Channel organization with an alignment of sales behaviour with the manufacturer market strategies

  • Communicate effectively, news and product updates, to the Channel as the Middle Managers can’t get to everyone

  • Measure any kind of activity in order to identify knowledge gaps and make business decisions


Santiago Ubeda
Chief Service Officer
Darío De Sa
Account Executive