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Join our webinar

Join our webinar

Atrivity Feed: The solution to master Corporate Communication Challenges!



Jaume Juan 
CEO at Compettia

September 12, 5:00 p.m CET

In this webinar you will learn how to:

         Test what kickoff attendees recall in            a measurable way
         Identify gaps to reinforce post-event          for increased knowledge retention
         Boost employee confidence to                          increase sales performance
         Create friendly competition to                        engage sales people and improve the          event experience

Santiago Ubeda
Head of Customer Success

with a Mobile Game Strategy 

Atrivity Feed: The Solution to Master Corporate Communication Challenges!

We have a big announcement for you: we are proud to introduce a powerful communication solution in Atrivity, the Feed. Sharing your key communications and content while measuring comprehension is now possible and...gamified!

This webinar will consist of two parts:

In the first part, led by our CEO Jaume Juan, you will learn how Atrivity feed can help you and your organization to:

  • Empower and measure communication

  • Create engagement and drive traffic to intranet, corporative blogs and LMS solutions

  • Spread communication to internal employees, channel and deskless employees at the same time.             

 In the second part, led by our Head of Customer Success Santiago Ubeda, we will show Game Masters how easy it is to configure the Feed when you set up a game.